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Bravo.CLOUD & argos.CLOUD

Microfan's cloud portals provide users with 100% live data and information about the farm. users can access the portals via PC, tablet or smartphone. you can even grant temporary access to a Microfan technician in order to offer help or control settings remotely in the event of any questions!

By using the ARGOS.CLOUD web portal, customized management data files can be downloaded or saved online. This enables users to export, compare and analyze production data from one or more rooms, farm locations or different time periods. It gives you all of the process insights needed to help improve your production.

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The most important job for you as agricultural entrepreneur is to deliver healthy animals while maximizing production results. However, the environment in which you produce is becoming more complex!

This demands an automation system that contributes to better production results, healthier animals, a suitable working environment and is energy efficiency. Microfan offers an innovative web-based platform to help you with just that: Argos.

With Microfan's Argos series IoT Management Computers users have their actual real-time situation in sight, anywhere and anytime.

Flexible in animal and ventilation type

one platform for all of your processes

now available on all computers, tablets and smartphones


Designed by ventilation experts:
• Applicable in any pig house
• Knows how to control any climate
• Supports all ventilation system designs, including central exhaust ventilation, central inlet control, boiler control.

Developed by control experts:
• User friendly, efficient and reliable
• Highly customizable and expandable
• Minimal wiring and installation costs
• Easy to install and configure

available in more than 40 types

always fits your needs

expandable with optional argos series central management computer

ARGOS M:S Overview
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gain insight into long and short term management data

start managing your farm today with argos

The new generation BRAVO TOUCH, now equipped with a touch screen and optional remote connectivity, can be perfectly applied to all types of ventilation and heating or cooling purposes in today’s livestock industry.

BRAVO TOUCH combines climate control with ease and simplicity.

The BRAVO series climate controllers are known for their user friendly operation with an easy to use icon driven menu and functions.

Available in different fan control output variants:
6A / 10A / 0-10V.

Sold successfully for over 15 years



optimize your production environment

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Located in The Netherlands, Microfan is at the heart of agricultural development, acting as the leading innovator in the field of environmental control and management systems for the livestock industry.

Since 1982, our family-owned business has created innovative products for farmers worldwide. We at Microfan continuously offer farm automation solutions for a dynamic industry.

All of Microfan’s controllers are made with absolute care for optimal product reliability and undergo multiple quality control procedures before leaving
our factory.

Microfan’s ventilation designs, environmental control products and management systems guarantee a stable and healthy air quality, optimal production and increased animal well-being.

Our OEM family consists of over 60 brands worldwide. So even if you don’t see our name on the product, that doesn’t mean we’re not inside.

Together with the help of close partners located in over 40 countries, Microfan ensures product and service quality for all its users.

with trust in our farmers

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If farming stops, everything stops. If farming moves, everything moves. We therefore strive to be on the forefront of technological change, emerging trends and innovations in the livestock industry that benefit both people and animals. We want to help improve the overall environment for farmers and their animals. Our goal is to help our users achieve better results. With over 35 years of experience in the agricultural industry, our developments are driven by three innovation pillars:



The power of working together



maximizing results



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