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Microfan is a fast growing international player in the agricultural industry. This success is due to, among other things, its dedicated employees.

Microfan employees are a committed team of workers with a high dose of ambition, technical knowledge and a no-nonsense mentality. We focus on service, quality and efficiency.

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Bjorn Timmermans

My first day at Microfan BV was on the 1st of May 2019. After working 10.5 years for a wholesale company in the construction market, and half a year for a truck dealer, it was time for a new challenge.

Microfan asked me if I would like to join their ambitious team. This team consists of an enthusiastic mix of people, aged between 20-60 years old. Together, they make up the perfect balance between young and experienced.

For me, the challenge lies in the fact that I now responsible for the Finance department. My responsibilities are diverse, such as keeping track of accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger accounts. Moreover, I am the contact person for third parties regarding staff related issues, tax office, salaries, and more.

Microfan is a state-of-the-art company, known all over the world for its products. Each employee has the right attitude and is highly motivated to find the best solutions for our customers. Our knowledge of the industry and its products is deep, and this is reflected by the demand of our services and the customers’ appreciation. Our strength is our personal contact with customers. Together, we will find solutions and overcome challenges.

Robert van den Dikkenberg

Sales Manager
My name is Robert van den Dikkenberg and I joined the Microfan team in January 2019 as a member of the International Sales department. Since I’ve started working for Microfan, I’ve visited farmers and dealers in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Belgium and Canada. My focus is on Eastern Europe and North America.

I would like to help Microfan improve the overall environment for farmers and their animals. The ultimate goal is to achieve better results. In my previous work as a feed expert I have visited many poultry and pig houses. In my experience feed is important, but climate control has an even larger impact on the well-being of animals.

Microfan got my attention because I know that Microfan is the global leader in climate innovations. I am eager to meet new partners and introduce them to Microfan’s latest innovations.

Martin Sackers

Embedded Engineer

Hi! My name is Martin Sackers and I’m an embedded engineer at Microfan.

When I graduated from my Bachelor’s in Mechatronics engineering at Fontys University Venlo about 6 years ago I started looking for a company where I could put my broad knowledge of engineering to good use. I had always been interested in farming and agriculture and that is where I found Microfan.

When I joined Microfan they were just moving into the age of IOT, touchscreens and embedded computers. I was tasked with selecting a new embedded platform and configuring it to connect our climate controls to the cloud. Launching the Argos HMI about one year later was very exciting and I still enjoy seeing people interact with the product that I have helped develop.

In the next years I developed embedded software for numerous controls such as feeding and climate controls, as well as various industrial OEM controls. Recently I also got the chance to revisit my knowledge of electronics and develop a PCB, for a product that will soon be released!

Joining Microfan has allowed me to develop my skills as an engineer. I have also visited some interesting places and countries that I would normally never have visited, meeting some of the most interesting people.

Pascal Schallmaier

Operations Manager

My name is Pascal Schallmaier. I am the Operations Manager at Microfan.

I started working for Microfan almost 19 years ago. I responded to the vacancy ‘Service Engineer’. After 2 days I got invited for a job interview. Next day I travelled to Horst, made a good impression, passed the test and got hired. After some weeks I realized this job did not give me the energy that I needed. So I had to discuss this with Mr. Jan van Issum, founder of the company.

After having that said, silence followed… Days later, Jan invited me to join him on a customer visit. While driving in the car, we did not talk, no words, nothing. On our way back Mr. Van Issum stopped the car at a bookstore and asked me to buy an AutoCAD book. From that moment I had a new job: Technical Work Planner. In the years that followed I worked myself up to the role of Operations Manager. I am proud with this position in which I have a broad role and tons of responsibilities. More important is that I am glad that I have a good team of competent people around me. They give me the space to spend time on improvements and new innovations.

I’m happy that I applied for a vacancy at Microfan at the time. It brought me to where I am now. I am far from retired, full of energy and looking forward to the bright future of Microfan.

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