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Located in The Netherlands, Microfan is at the heart of agricultural development, acting as the leading innovator in the field of environmental control and management systems for the livestock industry.

Since 1982, our family-owned business has created innovative products for farmers worldwide. We at Microfan continuously offer farm automation solutions for a dynamic industry.

All of Microfan’s controllers are made with absolute care for optimal product reliability and undergo multiple quality control procedures before leaving our factory.

Microfan’s ventilation designs, environmental control products and management systems guarantee a stable and healthy air quality, optimal production and increased animal well-being.

Our OEM family consists of over 60 brands worldwide. So even if you don’t see our name on the product, that doesn’t mean we’re not inside.

Together with the help of close partners located in over 40 countries, Microfan ensures product and service quality for all its users.

with trust in our farmers

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If farming stops, everything stops. If farming moves, everything moves. We therefore strive to be on the forefront of technological change, emerging trends and innovations in the livestock industry that benefit both people and animals. We want to help improve the overall environment for farmers and their animals. Our goal is to help our users achieve better results. With over 35 years of experience in the agricultural industry, our developments are driven by three innovation pillars:



The power of working together



maximizing results



supporting you with our solutions

Dynamic Solutions

Microfan is your partner for automation, climate and management systems for the intensive livestock industry. Since 1982 we have supplied our partners and users with efficient and result focussed automation products solutions.

Our systems ensure a comfortable healthy climate for both man and animal and provide farmers with an  automated, highly efficient management environment.


Microfan will keep innovating its climate and management automation solutions based on the following three pillars: 

  • Connectivity; the power of working together
  • Efficiency; maximizing results
  • Service; supporting you with our solutions

Microfan foresees a further increase in scale in the global intensive livestock industry. Sustainability, health and animal welfare will become more and more important factors in livestock farming. The need for data collection and further automation of livestock management processes will continue to rise.


Look no further for experienced advice on new or existing farm management and automation. We will gladly discuss with you your wishes and explore the automation possibilities for your operation. Intensive livestock ventilation systems and custom-made automation solutions have been our core trade since 1982 and will continue to be for many years to come. 


With our innovative products for livestock management your work as both farmer and manager will become more efficient and obtain increased results. Besides extensive instructions upon purchasing one of our solutions, we are happy to provide trainings for you or your workers on how to get the most out of your system, at your location or ours. 

Contact us or drop by our offices in the Netherlands or China to find out what we can do for you.

Meet our team

agricultural automation since 1982


Peter van Issum

CEO | General Director

Patrick van de Kerkhof

CCO | Commercial Director


Robert van den Dikkenberg

Sales Manager

Technical support

Jos Gommans

Technical Support Engineer


Pascal Schallmaier

Operations Manager



our partners

HAS Hogeschool is in Limburg een intensieve samenwerking aangegaan met bedrijven in de directe omgeving van haar vestiging in Venlo. Deze bedrijven uit de agrofood-sector geven studenten van de HAS de mogelijkheid om hun toekomstige werkveld uitgebreid te leren kennen. Dit gebeurt door middel van bedrijfsexcursies, gastlessen, stages, praktijkcases, afstudeeropdrachten en practica op het bedrijf. Daarnaast wordt het lesprogramma van de opleidingen van de HAS jaarlijks getoetst aan de behoeften van het werkveld dat door deze bedrijven vertegenwoordigd wordt. Deze samenwerking is vastgelegd in een partnership. Microfan maakt onderdeel uit van dit selecte groepje bedrijven.
Microfan is innovatiepartner van VIC Sterksel: hèt multifunctionele onderzoekscentrum voor de moderne, innovatieve en duurzame varkenshouderij. In binnen- en buitenland.
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