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Microfan offers all-in-one custom made automation and control solutions for any operation. From adjustable power stations and emergency power supplies, to entire electrical switch cabinets. Feel free to contact us for advice on how to automate your farm.

Complete integrated automation solutions

A comprehensive offer that fits your needs

MICROFAN HAS extensive experience in building electrical switch cabinets for various situations. FOR EXAMPLE, combined WITH THE ARGOS P1, WE CAN FURTHER HELP YOU WITH REGARD TO CLIMATE CONTROL, LIGHT CONTROL, FEED CONTROL, ETC. TO fully AUTOMATE YOUR poultry house. WE LIKE TO help you find the SOLUTION FOR YOUR SPECIFIC need. IN addition to the development of customer specific control cabinets, we also produce ready-made solutions. OFFERING SUCH SOLUTIONS IS cost effective and GUARANTEES A QUICK DELIVERY. AN EXAMPLE IS OUR BALANCED AIR CONCEPT, WHICH can OPERATE all CLIMATE controls and optionally the lighting, feeding lines, nests, popholes, and more in your poultry farm.

Fully integrated with ARGOS climate- and management solutions

Handing over your farm's controls without any worry

quality first

MICROFAN DEVELOPES ALL CONTROL cabinets ACCORDING TO INDUSTRIAL STANDARDS, SUCH AS NEN-EN-IEC 60204 AND NEN-EN-IEC 61439. All our switch cabinets meet the highest SAFEty requirements. Moreover, WE ONLY USE HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS AND COMPONENTS THAT ARE readily AVAILABLE. With our products You can be aSSURED OF A LONG service LIFE AND optimal usability.

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