the standalone iot management system for pigs

argos s

introducing the Argos S for pigs


De Argos S series climate- and management system is extremely suitable as a decentralized climate control or standalone management system per room. wish to control all your argos s devices centrally? no problem, the argos s platform offers the option to include a central climate and management system!

argos s: the standalone climate controller


Modular design


Connect various time-based control systems


Easily register external information

ARGOS S1 management system

  • Equipped with a 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen.
  • Central room overview
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Central alarm overview

centrally control all your devices

  • Log all settings, measurements and alarms
  • Track your data in clearly arranged management graphs
  • Control up to 35 standalone rooms via one location
  • Directly accessible via any PC, tablet or smartphone

The versatility of the Argos S

De Argos S series can control multiple systems at once. ventilation, heating or cooling with a sprinkler system, The argos s controls all!

ARGOS S2 & S3 Climate controllers

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Set ventilation in M3/uur or in procentage
  • Set ventilation curves to your specific needs
  • Room heating and/or cooling
  • Includes clock functions and counter functions
  • Includes clock functions and counters
  • Log measurement data in CSV format
  • Optional: connect to the ARGOS S1 management system
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