the all-in-one iot management system for pigs

argos m

Introducing the Argos M for pigs


The ARGOS M series is Microfan’s most versatile IoT management system for pigs. The ARGOS M series is the result of combining the latest IT advancements with over 30 years of experience in pig farming automation.






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Argos M


The all-in-one solution for your pig farm

The ARGOS M pig management system consist of an ARGOS M1 pig management computer that serves as the central IoT control hub with direct controls for all centrally operated equipment (including centralized ventilation systems), supported by up to 35 ARGOS M room controllers for easy access to basic necessary data and control functions of equipment that needs to be controlled differently per room.

Advantages of the Argos M climate- and management system

Argos M is highly customizable and expandable due to it's modular design.

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